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Hi Everyone, welcome to Wear Diary! I’m Sam and I exist on fashion. I’m a magazine junkie, and I spend way more time than I should ‘dream-shopping’ online. But I am also, a girl on a budget! So what you see here, on my personal style blog, is a mix of great finds and a few choice splurges. I like to think of each day as a chance to play dress up and while I don’t have one style that defines me, I am curiously drawn to huge bows and sparkles.

When it comes to style, my philosophy is - do not take yourself too seriously. Just have fun with what you wear. You’ll have hits and you’ll have misses, for me it’s all about the experiment. Getting dressed is the most natural way for me to get creative, but I love it all, home decorating, illustrating and I also die for great vintage (furs, jewelry, vases, wine).

So from time to time I may post my latest drool-inducing inspiration, vintage store finds, home projects and art. But really this is just a home for me to keep a diary of what I wear, pretty much every day, hence: wear diary! Thanks for checking it out, enjoy & most importantly have fun! XO Sam