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I love me some National Lampoon’s Christmas…

But what to my wondering eyes did appear? (Sorry, couldn’t help it!) Clark Griswold in the same vintage fur seen in my last post and here on October 25. Now I’m just wondering, where can I get that turban?!

Holidays 2010

Wear Diary,

Sorry for the delay, I was enjoying a little time off and hopefully everyone else was too! I took a mini vacation to Maine where I pretty much existed in my Earnest Sewn stovepipe jeans, moto boots and some sort of oversized sweater.

I really did like my Christmas day outfit, and Christmas Eve outfit for that matter. But I was too busy self indulging in other ways, taking pictures of myself seemed like overkill. Determined not to let a good outfit go to waste, I will repeat them in the near future.

In the meantime, here’s a peek at the week before Christmas…what I wore to work. Yes, I know these are almost two weeks old, but they’re new to you! :)

Finally Got the Tree…

Vintage 40s mink cape, Wrap Dress from Forever21, JCrew Sweater (which I sadly shrunk from a perfectly big size XL to this), vintage chain belt, Jeffrey Campbell Charli Clogs

For the Corporate Holiday Party,

Big Animal Coat from Employer’s Sample Sale

Jumpsuit also from Employer’s Sample Sale

Blue Steel…I have nothing on Zoolander

Vintage Necklace from Salvation Army, Forever21 Belt, Nine West Ankle Booties

For the Department Holiday Party

Thrifted Crochet Cardigan (Yes, I live in it), Vintage Lace Jacket, Gap Body Black Tee, Old Navy Lace Skirt, H&M Floral Lace Tights, Studded Heels from Marshalls

Holiday Bash with Friends

Wish I had pictures…the only one that made it was from very late in the night after I got hot and tied the red kimono I was wearing up around my head in a makeshift headwrap/turban thing…and it aint pretty. I’ll spare you that one.






Tuesday, Deceber 14, 2010

Wear Diary,
While I don’t think I’m lazy, I do want the easy way out when it comes to getting dressed (my new Monday trend). And yes, today is Tuesday, but it is my Monday this week. Right now I am craving a closet of oversize knits, cropped sweaters and long flowy skirts. It just seems so easy and comfy during the chilly weather.

Today I wore a version of that combo with one of my favorite oldie but goody dresses. It was one of those Forever21 finds that you actually don’t want to toss in the trash a year later. In fact, I think this baby is a good 5 years old. (That’s a long life for F21 goods). It has a cool drape front, smocked waist and braided straps, but of course that is all hidden by the cropped crochet sweater I layered over.

I wore this sweater just a few posts ago. It looks like it’s going to be one of those pieces I wear again and again. Since it is cold here in New England, and the air vent above my workspace is very confused, I layered a pair of leggings and a long sleeve black shirt under the dress and sweater..kind of like long johns :) (must be my Maine roots).

Instead of opting for my black Moto boots or black lace-up heeled booties, which both are natural choices for such an outfit, I decided to wear these zipper wood-block heels with black socks. I get to toughen up the look but I also get more height than I would have with the previous options. I like this look, in fact this might be my new lazy girl go-to!
xox Sam

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wear Diary,
Westminster Lace…that’s what the tag on this fancy jacket/top says. I like to imagine that it once topped a lovely wedding dress, until it came my way through Sals (vation Army, that is).

The shape alone is to die for- exaggerated poufs of sleeves tapering at the lace-trim cuffs and back pleats envied by modern tuxedos jackets everywhere. I love to dress it down (and counter the volume) with a simple pair of skinny jeans. I also layered a couple tees underneath, a longer white tee and a grey breton striped one, both for warmth and that casual touch I was going for. The boots were just given to me by a generous friend, the leather is seriously yummy, I can’t stop touching. Finally I fastened a vintage rhinestone sparkler to the top, just for fun.

Statement pieces like this top are my favorites because they allow the rest of the outfit to fall easily around them. Though it may not be as versatile as your standard white shirt or blazer, I love how this is a sort of hybrid created between the two!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Wear Diary,

I am in denial. I love my winter coats, but I am resisting wearing one. Not sure why, I have nothing against being comfortably warm. This cape just seemed cozier today and since I’ve been wearing my coat while I work, a cape is easier to maneuver while sitting at a desk than a bulky parka.

Going through my morning routine I had something completely different in mind to wear (I always get dressed last). For someone who loves clothes as much as I do, I sure do put it off. Instead I prefer to spend my limited morning time in a plush robe. But as I was saying, I was going to wear my black jumpsuit, today was not a jumpsuit day though. I went with the bare minimum instead.

The simple jeans and shirt combo…how profound! I admit it is on the understated side for me, but that’s all I wanted. The striped blue shirt is from Forever 21 and has a nice easy fit. I tucked it into my high-waisted Hudson jeans and added a belt. On top I through a Liz Claiborne vest I picked up from Good Will once upon a time. The cape was added for some sense of practicality as well as a fuzzy fur ear warmer. What can I say? Some days less is more!



Sometimes the clothes look the best when you make a face.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Wear Diary,
Exhausted is the most appropriate word to describe how I’m feeling today. After a very busy, sleep-deprived weekend, Monday morning came much too fast (I may say this to myself every Monday, but I really meant it today)!
Cue the comfy pants…
I think the last time I wore these pants was another sleepy Monday, though looking back that day doesn’t even compare to the exhaustion Im feeling today! This time around I decided to wear the pants with the waistband high, unfolded over a slim-fitting black tee from Gap Body. Doubling up on the slinky knits and I am basically in PJs again at work…this is quickly becoming a trend. A last-minute add of a tiered lace bolero from Forever 21 and I felt better about it. This necklace combo has been my go to lately…very easy to throw on without much thought.
I drove home in a little snow storm last night and even though there’s no snow on the ground here in Boston, you can’t deny the dropping temps. I need to unearth my ‘real winter coats’ i.e. more excessively furry things. Be on the lookout!

here’s some love from the weekend. late adds and a quick sneak peek from a dying camera battery…hence only one shot for one of the outfits.
Banana Republic Dress, F21 Faux-Shearling Jacket, Vintage Fur Collar, Stuart Weitzman Boots, Really great vintage belt with gold medallion buckle (hiding here, but I will ‘debut’ again soon, very cute, trust me)!
Vintage Crochet Cardigan, Polo Ralph Lauren Flannel, Jim Morrison Tee, H&M Belt, Target Skinny Jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Clogs

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wear Diary,
Hello December, month filled to the brim with hectic malls, cookies and jingle bells. No, I can’t believe it’s December 1st already, but if I see one more Facebook post today asking that…

Unkowingly I did dress for the season today, breaking out some more fuzzy winter accessories. I started very clean with this men’s-style grey shirt from H&M. I love the oversize fit and cool kimono sleeves, but it gets so wrinkly the second you as much as sneeze. Archaic skinny jeans from Express (bought on major sale when skinny jeans weren’t cool), and slouchy suede ankle boots.

I must have been feeling the icy-ness of December and complemented it with grey and whites. The grey fuzzy beret was picked up while thrifting. Once while grocery shopping a little girl laughed at it before turning to her mom to ask what on earth was on my head. The white leather jacket was a steal from the Bebe clearance rack such a long while ago. And finally it’s all wrapped up with a soft white chunky scarf. Definitely dressed for December’s chilly weather and excited for the first flurry!xoxSam

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wear Diary,
Today’s dress is a little wrinkly, fits my usual just-rolled-out-of-bed appearance. Per usual I was thinking something quick, easy and apparently leaning towards the disheveled side. Said dress is from It was purchased online this summer and served well for both days at the beach and nights out. It has a flowy asymmetric cut reminding me of the Halston Heritage dress I drooled over last spring, not as fabulous, but nice in its own wrinkly way.

To winterize the usually-reserved-for-summer white dress I do just what you see here. Add a long-sleeve black top and black tights underneath, some sort of sweater over and boots. It’s a pretty standard Sam uniform.

The original plan was to wear taupe suede ankle booties. When I put them on they didn’t complement the stark white/black contrast. I glanced up and spotted these purple boots…easy to slip on, I was convinced. Purple boots, definitely a Salvation Army find, I’m sure. Finally layers of jewelry, a fluffy fur coat tossed on loosely and my summer dress was chill proof!


Monday, November 29, 2010

Tutu Cool For School

Wear Diary,
After a much needed little Turkey-Day break it’s back to the grind. In translation, roll out of bed with 5 minutes to spare and throw every random thing in site on…realize it’s freezing out, add a hat…walk out the door.

This may be one of my more eclectic (or confused) looks. I guess I just wanted to wear it all today. Things started off simply enough with my pink tutu and gray tights, then I got carried away. The comfort of this long grey tee was calling and this army green boyfriend hand-me-down-thing-of-a-shirt was layered over it on a hanger in my closet, so on they both went. But wait…my purple fuzzy vest! I spied it peeking out from the rubble, I hadn’t worn it in so long. So on that went too. And these boots…finally back in my possession, they may never come off!!


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wear Diary,
Thank goodness for Thanksgiving! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a little indulgence and r&r today. Of course you’ll probably be reading this a week later, so it’s all old news and on to Xmas! I’ll keep it on the short side…

There wasn’t much time to get ready this morning, once we were up we had to be out the door pretty quickly and on the move to the family commune. 

This outfit evolved in my head out of the sole need to be comfy today. A loose men’s sweater was key, but I wanted to feel at best, semi-dressed up for the holiday. That’s where this vintage slip came in. Then I remembered I had these flowery tights that really only look good with boots. (Patterned tights were not meant for curvy legs!) Warm knit socks were also important…it is really starting to get chilly! And finally the boots…these boots are one of my favorite purchases. I found them at Marshalls in 2005 and have worn them almost every fall and winter day since. Except last winter when the zippper finally broke and I had to take them to get repaired. Knowing how slow I am with that kind of stuff, it’s not surprising that I’m just getting them back now! The cobbler I still use in Maine resoled them nicely and they still have that lived-in look. LOVE!


sorry for poor quality pics, they were taken with my iphone & not the usual cam