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Monday January 10, 2011

Wear Diary,
Ok you caught me, I planned this ahead. My outfit choices are so rarely not last minute that I forgot what it’s like to know what you are going to wear. In a delusioned effort to go to the gym in the mornings, I packed a bag…complete with the outfit you see here.  It was late, I was tired and the thing is…when you are getting ready at the gym, that’s it.

That one outfit you pack, that’s what you’re wearing. Too bad if you get it on and that top is all wrong, you can’t just pull a new one out of your closet. So I grabbed these four tops to wear layered together. It looked good in my head, but I’m the first to know that that does not mean it will look good on. But hey, if they didn’t all work, at least some combo between them would.

Naturally, I slept through the alarm and missed the gym window, but thankfully, (for once) my look was ready to go. And (for once) I was still in the mood to
wear it.

So to the outfit: A baby pink Cosabella chemise, under a black vest/tunic, under a nude wallpaper-print Gap cardi, under my favorite vintage bedjacket (complete with re-sewn seams and pre-owner inflicted cigarette burns). Then Earnest Sewn skinnies and the black wedge boots I wear every day. Running out in the 25 degree weather I was sure to add this vintage mohair hat in a similar color scheme and my stuffed-animal coat. I’m really enjoying the peachy-pink tonal look of it all and the pre-planning was a big time saver, I’m not going to get used to it though!