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Friday, January 14, 2011

Wear Diary,

Today we still had fresh snow and ice to contend with, but I didn’t want to dress like an eskimo. Instead, I dressed like this. 

Quickly piling pieces on I chose some of my go-to basics, a thrifted men’s Perry Ellis sweater, the usual brown H&M belt, my go-to pleated black skirt from 1999 and these new boots. I must admit that over-the-knee/thigh-high boots are actually a great alternative to snow boots. They may have heels, but they keep my legs nice and warm! This particular pair was one of three pairs of boots Chase got me for Christmas. (He knows me so well!)

The (faux)fur of choice these days is irresistible. I’ve said it once, it is really like wearing a stuffed animal…if that’s your thing. The hat and earrings are Forever21 and may very well be my new favorites.

Knowing that I was braving winter weather and also going straight to a party after work, I wanted something that combined the two needs. Sweater for the cold, skirt and boots for the party. So as it turns out these boots are very practical indeed!



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