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Stella is obviously not as impressed with my shirt as I am!

Monday January 17, 2011

Wear Diary,

Over the years I’ve accumulated quite the clothing collection. There is one area that my overstuffed closet is lacking though, professional blouses and trousers. I am usually drawn to really standout pieces of clothing, something that immediately ressonates as ‘different’, and my look is definitely more casual than career. I would love to start investing in some solid basics that are a little more well, polished. Of course I would then dress then down and make them my own, but whatever!

One style in particular that I’m after is the Pussybow Blouse. I found one tie-front ivory blouse while vintage shopping this fall and this top here is another one, thrifted from my mom’s closet.

I chose to pair it simply with a new pair of dark bells (from Forever21!), they fit awesome. Are my designer jean days over? Hell, no! Just temporarily while I get my finances in order, wink wink. Next comes a furry vest from Gap 5 years agos and a scarf tied around my head, turband style.

I love that this top looks just as great as jeans as it will with a pencil skirt. And as it so happens, one of my favorite bloggers posted a great list of bow-front tops yesterday. Check it out at, I am allover the one from Oasis!!



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