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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wear Diary,
These shoes are amazing! I simply cannot get enough and would like to wear them all day, every day. I would even sleep in them if they wouldn’t tear up the sheets (and my ankles).

As soon as I stumbled upon them in that fateful Lucky editorial, I just knew. They screamed New Year’s Eve and ended up giving the little red dress I wore total edge.

Today they are dressed down…way down.  The harem sweatpants are from Forever21 and yes, they are just as comfortable as they look. I probably won’t even change out of them for the gym. On top I just layered two slub tees, one from Urban Outfitters, the other from JCrew, then followed up with my trusty Zara blazer.

The cuddly winter scarf was a gift from a friend, I planned to wear it outside only, but it was so comfortable that it stayed put all day. This was all completed with grey wool socks, we can’t have cold feet can we?, and of course, the shoes that give a new definition to ‘spike heels’.

Voila! And here we have it, a little something that is well, literally…sharp!