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My favorite gold Alexis Bittar earrings gifted by Chase…lucky me! 

Tuesday, January 5, 2011

Wear Diary,
I recently confessed my love for floor-sweeping lengths. It brings me back to my fifth-grade self on the hunt for the perfect long floral dress to wear with my combat boots. (I think I settled on a long satin slipdress from the kids section at Sears, it came with a powder pink jean jacket too). So here is my ode to that fifth grade dress…seventeen years later.

The outfit started with this long black knit skirt from Forever21. I instantly knew I wanted to wear them with these wedge boots, a natural choice. I will wear belt a men’s sweater over this skirt very soon, but I wanted to look a little less lazy/slouchy for work. I’m feeling pretty lousy today and big clothes wouldn’t help the cause.

I chose this leopard-print sheer top from Express circa 1999, yes, it goes way back! (It was bought at the time to wear with gold-flecked flares). For some reason I’ve kept it around and haven’t lost it.The cropped style of the top called for a longer-length tee under and then I added my fake little leather vest from Target. Next time I will stick to longer layers on top, I’m not feeling this proportion. But that’s what experimenting is for, how else would we know, right? 



Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wear Diary,
Another drizzly day in Boston, which brought my immediate dressup plans to a halt. I had set my sights on a pair of emerald velvet shoes and wanted to create an outfit including them, but one look outside and I knew it wasn’t happenin.

So, quick plan B…and this is what I got:

1. A cropped crochet sweater from Savers.

2. The most essential item in my closet, a little black skirt from Express bought at TJMaxx circa 1998. I have worn it a million times a million ways and it has never failed me. 

3. Opaque black tights, wishing I could’ve skipped the tights, but I’m afraid that season has passed here in New England.

4. Completed with a pair of neutral socks, those crazy boots I can’t stop wearing and a skinny scarf that reverses to a silky leopard print.

5. Instead of the long classic trench, I was feeling this cropped Gap version.

And that’s that, a quick 5-minute turnaround and I was out the door, in the rain!